Some of you may have Mobile App login issues (Android and iOS).If that happens, please try the following:
- Login to MyOoma, go to Account/Security, change your Account Password to a temporary new one and [Save](you may restore your desired password at a later time), logout from MyOoma and try to log back in to make sure you are using the correct new temporary password,
- Start your Ooma Mobile app using your phone number and new temporary password.
If the Ooma Mobile app still fails to login, please PM (Private Message) me with your phone number and temporary password so I can try myself. Please indicate also your O.S. (Android or iOS), the Ooma mobile app version, you O.S. version, phone model, and the symptoms you are seeing.

Any help will be apprecited.

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https://www.ooma.com/forums/viewtopic.p … mp;t=18236
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Thank you.